The Copper Door - Tacoma, WA

16 taps & 800+ Bottled Brews

The Copper Door offers 36 Rotating Taps - including Nitro Taps, dedicated Cider Taps - and 1000+ Bottled Brews that we welcome you to partake in. Indulge in a pint here or take home a growler to enjoy in the comforts of your home.

Community and Events

One thing The Copper Door believes in is a strong sense of community whether it means supporting our community with Brewer Nights, special events, or providing a friendly place to drink delicious beer.

Check out the events page or come on down to find out!

Beer, Fun, Music, & More

We offer a variety of board games, good music, and plenty of places to sit. Come and relax with an amazing beer and friendly people.

Why Craft Beer?

Craft Brewers put their heart and soul into every variety they produce. They focus on unique ingredients and spend more time on quality instead of quantity.

They don't waste money on advertising and feel successful if they can get their beer served in one taproom. The bottom line is, with all this care in producing these beers, they just taste better!

Come into The Copper Door and taste the difference.